This work tried to investigate a game whose psychological implications are at the bottom of a choice of life that is considered impudent by a lot of people: becoming a Drag Queen. I've gone deeply into such a complex, many-sided world by exploring the most private moments of a Drag Queen: the change that is the true metamorphosis, hidden in a narrow dressing room, lived privately when also the personality becomes ductile thanks to a touch of the brush or some glitters.

Drag Queens are often played down when they are seen just in their sexual implications. Humanity, victories, defeats are there where men point out their apparent evolution. This role allows them to be on stage who they are not and to transmit what they have.

Moment by moment I lived that change for eight months. Thanks to the help of the trio called Drastik Queens, my work as well as the relation have grown up so that I could walk tiptoe into a world that has welcomed me. I feel honoured by that. My project wants to be of help to the observer who is trying to understand who finally Marchesa de Montparnasse, Sheila de Rose and Lauren de Glamour are. Actually the result of the metamorphosis may dim the main character, both physically and because of his behaving, and make him unrecognizable.

That's why I photographed every moment of the change, every detail, a sequences of pictures either exemplifying or descriptive sometimes so as to understand a role that the audience live lightly because their aim is to have fun and to transgress. 

I hope to make you know who is part of this world, of our world, misunderstood and prejudiced sometimes.

I am thankful to the wonderful protagonists of this adventure, David, Gilberto and Marco who have welcomed me and let me go deeply into their souls. I am also thankful to Roberta Valtorta who supported me in spite of her countless engagements.    

Monica Benedettini Copyright © 2009 Tutti i Diritti Riservati